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Original Airdate Episode Title Notes
77013 Jan. 1991I Spy with My Little EyeGreenback is smuggling sunlamps to the Eskimos to melt the polar icecaps flood the world. Unfortunately, Dangermouse and Penfold lose the Mark 3 and soon get lost on the North pole.
780210 Jan. 1991Bigfoot FallsDanger Mouse and Penfold are dispatched to Canada where a giant beast with big feet has been stomping around.
79039 Jan. 1992The Statue of Liberty CaperThe Statue of Liberty has been stolen, and it's up to Danger Mouse and Penfold to find it.
800416 Jan. 1992Penfold TransformedCrumhorn has replaced Penfold with a mechanical transformer. Not wanting to be outdone by a villainous rival, Greenback disguises Stiletto as Penfold and orders him to replace the replacement.
810523 Jan. 1992A Dune with a ViewCan Danger Mouse and Penfold survive in the Sahara Desert?
820630 Jan. 1992Don Coyote and Sancho PenfoldDanger Mouse and Penfold are on holiday in Spain. The delusional Don Coyote kidnaps Penfold and forces him to act as his assistant, 'Sancho Penfold'.
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