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Original Airdate Episode Title Notes
420124 Dec. 1984Once Upon a Timeslip... When the laws of logic start to listen to narrator Isambard Sinclair, Danger Mouse and Penfold find them self transported back in time to the year 1215 A.D. Having a Robin Hood and Little little John persona projected upon them by way of more narration, our heroes set off to rescue Sir K from the clutches of Baron Greenback, sheriff of Nottingham.
43023 Jan. 1985Viva Danger MouseSomeone has stuffed the most important seats in England with cactus. Danger Mouse surmises the pointy plants come from the giant saguaros. Therefore, he and Penfold head for Mexico where they soon home in on Baron Greenback. Unfortunately, the villainous toad has an angry bull on his side.
440310 Jan. 1985Play It Again, WufgangWufgang Bah, the world's worst composer, has used a ray to destroy all the music on the planet so people will have to listen to his. Dangermouse and Penfold are on the case, using a cassette deck with the last remaining tape of background music, without which they are powerless.
450417 Jan. 1985Hear, HearGreenback, the worlds greatest evil genius, uses his latest invention to hypnotize Colonel K and get him to send Danger Mouse and Penfold on a wild goose chase to the South Pole.
460524 Jan. 1985Multiplication FableA spaceship has crash landed in Birmingham city center. DM and Penfold meet an alien who is looking for a small furry creature called a Ticklehipos, that just loves to climb up trouser legs and multiply.
470631 Jan. 1985The Spy Who Stayed in with a ColdGB is selling motorbikes to the Mongol hordes, so DM leaves Penfold at home with the sniffles and heads off to Finland to join Agent 57, the master of disguise with the unstable molecules.
48077 Feb. 1985It's All White, White Wonder÷A new experimental enzyme being tested at the Wonder White Sub company laboratory bonds with an aggressive molecule and escapes down the drain. It starts attacking people, pinching underwear and tries to turn everything white.
490814 Feb. 1985The Hickory Dickory Dock DilemmaWhile on a case involving the crown jewels, DM and Penfold step into a an old grandfather clock only to find out it's a time machine.
500921 Feb. 1985What a Three-Point Turn-Up for the BookThanks to some new auto control security, the Mark 3 flying car begins to rebel against it's driver, Danger Mouse, as well as his frequent passenger Penfold.
511028 Feb. 1985Quark! Quark!A small alien named J.J. Quark, accompanied by his robot Grovell, claims to take possession of Earth, which was given to his Great-great-great-great grandfather as part of a cosmic charter.
52117 Mar. 1985Alping Is Snow Easy MatterGB, the Terrible Toad is using a giant reflector stashed somewhere in the alps to melt the ice caps of the Arctic. His plan is to flood the world and sell rubber dinghies and rubber ducks at inflated prices.
531214 Mar. 1985Aaagghg! Spiders!London is completely wrapped up in spider webs. It seems Stiletto is using a spider enlarging ray from Greenback's flying fortress (a hovercraft) while his boss is away in France.
541321 Mar. 1985One of Our Stately Homes Is MissingThe Duke of Bedbug's stately mansion has been stolen and is currently sailing out to sea. Hannibal Hogarty and his team of highly trained elephants are holding it to ransom, so DM and Penfold team up with B.L.E.E.P. (the Building Location and Emergency Expedition Platoon), led by Dangermouse's old pal Mad Major Melvin.
551428 Mar. 1985Afternoon Off with the Fangboner!J.J. Quark has returned to Earth and wants to discuss a peace treaty with Dangermouse in Africa. Once DM and Penfold arrive, Quark unleashes a hungry Fangboner on them.
56154 Apr. 1985Beware of Mexicans Delivering MilkIt's up to Penfold to stop the villain El Loco after the latter has drugged (or poisoned, rather) Danger Mouse's milk.
571611 Apr. 1985CATastropheColonel K has been kidnapped by a mechanical cat called Paws. Danger Mouse and Penfold race to castle Nasty, where their chinchilla in charge is being held. However, they are unaware that the feline fiend has fed the secret details of Danger Mouse's brainwaves into his computerized brain (after stealing them from the Colonel's filing cabinet). Thus Paws is able to anticipate every move the mouse makes before he actually does them.
581718 Apr. 1985The Good, the Bad and the MotionlessDangermouse and Penfold are send to investigate a weird disturbance at Stonehenge on All Hallow's Eve. Once there, DM is ambushed by his own suppressed evil side, who freezes time in order to take control over the heroic 98 per cent of him.
591825 Apr. 1985StatuesThe statues of London town have come alive thanks to Baron Greenback's long range animator ray.
60192 May 1985The Clock Strikes BackThe phantom time traveling grandfather clock has reappeared, this time in Windsor Castle. When DM and Penfold investigate the scene, they encounter the disgruntled time traveler Master Snozzle, King Arthur's first and former wizard.
61209 May 1985Ee-Tea!Great Britain is in complete chaos as every cup of tea has turned into low grade dishwater. Baron Greenback is collecting the remaining tea supply by tractor ray beam to his teapot shaped satellite, the TB1.
622123 May 1985Bandits, Beans and Ballyhoo!Returning from a trip to Mexico, DM & Penfold have inadvertently smuggled Mexican bandit El Loco, who's revolver is loaded with jumping beans, into the country.
632230 May 1985Have You Fled from Any Good Books Lately?Penfold receives an intergalactic delivery: a free gift from the Cosmos book of the light year club. It's the 'Cowards Pop-up book of Slobbering Monsters by I.L. Scaremstiff. Once he opens it, J.J. Quark unleashes a remote animation ray from space to bring the monsters to life.
64236 Jun. 1985Tut, Tut, It's Not PharaohColonel K has had word that Greenback knows the location of the long lost amulet of Egganofice, a medallion fashioned by an ancient Egyptian sorcerer in 5002 B.C. which possesses unlimited mysterious powers. In truth, Greenback plans to let Danger Mouse do the hard work for him and grab the amulet once DM finds it for him.
652413 Jun. 1985Lost, Found and SpellboundProfessor Squackencluck is lost on an island in the China sea and feels the need to be rescued. Dangermouse deduces that the island in question must be Combaktu and sets off on a daring mission, accompanied by Penfold of course. On arrival, a tricky Witch doctor manages to split our heroes up. While DM is matching wits with the doctor, Penfold finds himself in the clutches of an Uran Utang.
662520 Jun. 1985Penfold, B.F.Penfold swallows a new sort of energy pill invented by Professor Squackencluck and goes all superhero on his foes. However, it hinders Danger Mouse even more than usual in his search for a stray messenger pigeon.
672627 Jun. 1985Mechanised MayhemA mechanical revolution has begun as all house hold objects unite to rebel against their makers. Luckily DM's car is equipped with an anti-mutiny module, so he and Penfold can go after Baron Greenback. However, the terrible toad is busy hiding from his Frog Head Flyer. The real instigator behind this uprising turns out to be an enormous sentient computer calling itself Mega-Brain.
682726 Dec. 1985Journey to the Earth's 'Cor!'Dangermouse and Penfold are ordered to find the cause of a dreadful noise terrorizing the world. It seems to be coming from the North Pole, where they find a giant hole housing a secret workshop that keeps the Earth rotating. One of the workers there, Stanley Atkington explains how his colleague Obidiah's attempting to take over now that they're boss 'The Gaffer's away on holiday.
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