in series
Original Airdate Episode Title Notes
18014 Oct. 1982The Invasion of Colonel KBaron Greenback uses the minimizing peaka ray to shrunk himself and his cronies and use the equally shrunken Frogs Head Flyer to enter the body of Colonel K at the secret, secret service H.Q. Taking control of the Colonel's voice box, the villainous Toad relieves Dangermouse and Penfold from their duties. However, Professor Squawkencluck figures out the Baron's plan and shrinks DM and Penfold so they can enter the Colonel's nose, traveling in a conveniently shrunken Spacehopper.
190211 Oct. 1982Danger Mouse Saves the World... AgainBaron Greenback vows to blow up every single signpost in every country unless he is proclaimed emperor of the world. DM and Penfold set out for the Toad's secret island hideout somewhere in the Pacific Ocean.
200318 Oct. 1982The Odd Ball RunaroundDangermouse gets himself blown up more often than usual trying to protect a set of secret plans hidden in an American Football from Australia.
210425 Oct. 1982The Strange Case of the Ghost BusNine Top Secret cargo carrying ships have disappeared after encountering a ghost bus. DM finds the Ghost bus depot on a small island in the Indian Ocean where Baron Greenback is producing buses made of ice.
22051 Nov. 1982Trip to AmericaAfter half the world's most famous monuments have vanished, Dangermouse and Penfold head for America, where they find the Tower of London in the old west. It soon becomes apparent that Baron Greenback has invented a machine to shrink, transport and de-shrink objects (and heroes like Dangermouse).

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