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Original Airdate Episode Title Notes
00N/ADanger Mouse Begins...Again!In this pilot episode, Danger Mouse and Penfold are dispatched to Loch Ness to investigate the theft of bagpipes and increased activity of the Loch Ness Monster. They uncover a plot by Baron Greenteeth (known in later episodes as Baron Greenback) to find "The Lost Chord," a musical note capable of causing great destruction.
1128 Sep. 1981Danger at C LevelBaron Silas Greenback unleashes robots of destruction of increasing size against Dangermouse, the greatest guardian of peace and justice in the civilized world. First, a duo of Sniver Snappers are delivered to DM's secret hideout. Next, Penfold is almost stomped by a pair of electronic boots. Finaly, Dangermouse comes face to faceplate with Big Tom, The Mouse Masher.
2230 Sep. 1981Who Stole the Bagpipes?

Baron Greenback plans to take over the world by combining the sound of 10.000 stolen bagpipes he has hold up in Castle McStrangle. Luckily, Dangermouse has a good set of lungs up his chest. That is, of course, as long as he and Penfold survive the attack of a mechanical Loch Ness Monster.

335 Oct. 1981The Trouble with GhostsBaron Silas Greenback takes Colonel K hostage. Greenback makes the Colonel contact DangerMouse by videophone. As part of Greenback's elaborate ruse, Colonel K tells DangerMouse that Greenback is in jail, and that DangerMouse and Penfold should go on holiday. The Colonel sends DangerMouse and Penfold to a castle in Transylvania. At the castle (owned by Greenback), the villain attempts to terrify the visitors using remote-control robots dressed as ghosts, mummies, et cetera.
447 Oct. 1981Chicken RunBaron Greenback has stolen Heinrich Von Squakenkluck's secret serum to create giant super duper chickens and has let one loose in the heart of London. Dangermouse and Penfold have to stop the Baron with a little help from Flying Officer Buggles Pigeon.
5512 Oct. 1981The Martian MisfitThe greatest evil genius the world has ever known, Baron Silas Greenback, plans to 'borrow, the hardest diamond in the world, "the Eye of Hercules". For with it attached it to his atomic powered mega drill, he can tunnel right into the bank of England. To make sure Dangermouse won't stop him, he has already dispatched his latest invention, the 'Martian Mouse exterminator' to get rid of DM.
6614 Oct. 1981The Dream MachineBaron Silas Greenback has created a dream machine. The device resembles a colorful cloud. The dream machine descends upon DangerMouse and Penfold. They see no possible escape. Within the dream machine, whatever Penfold says is created. Terrified for a few minutes, DangerMouse and Penfold find a way to create just what they need to confront and defeat the villainous Greenback.
7719 Oct. 1981Lord of the Bungle20.000 elephants have been turned into sugar-cubes by evil mastermind toad Silas Greenback. They only revert back to their normal size when dropped into a cup of tea. Dangermouse and Penfold travel to Africa, where an encounter with all the wild animals causes Penfold to revert into some bumbling kind of lord of the jungle.
8821 Oct. 1981Die LaughingThe world's top men are laughing themselves unconscious thanks to Baron GB's microscopic Gigelacockos germs that are spreading via telephone lines. Dangermouse, the white wonder and his trusty assistant Penfold race to save the British PM before the Baron and his crow henchmen can fire his Gigelacockos cannon all over London.
9926 Oct. 1981The World of MachinesArch villain Silas Greenback has perfected his intergalactic traveling machine. Using Penfold as bait, the worlds most evil toad lures Dangermouse into his trap and boldly blasts him deep into time and space, towards a planet ruled by talking machines.
101028 Oct. 1981Ice Station CamelThe rotation of the world is slowing down. So, DM immediately heads for the North Pole, where Baron Greenback is attempting to hold the world to ransom by stopping the world with a anti gravity rotation retarder of some sort.
111114 Dec. 1981A Plague of PyramidsPyramids have been popping up all over London. It will take only twenty more to sink the whole country. So, Dangermouse and Penfold set forth for Africa, specifically the Saharah desert. After all, the sand the pyramids are made off must have come from somewhere.