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Original Airdate Episode Title Notes
83016 Feb. 1992Crumhorn Strikes Back!DM and Penfold are taking a holiday in New York provided by the nice folks at the FBI. [[Doctor Augustus P. Crumhorn]|Doctor Augustus P. Crumhorn III]] takes the opportunity to get his revenge on Danger Mouse by swallowing his transformation pills and posing as a terminally cute young girl who claims her father has been kidnapped.
840213 Feb. 1992Ants, Trees and... Whoops-a-DaisyA mysterious tribe of Ant people are wreaking havoc in the Amazon jungle, so DM picks up Penfold at the airport (where he was waiting for his auntie) and heads for Tapatingo.
850320 Feb. 1992There's a Penfold in My SuitPenfold is stuck in one of Danger Mouse's spare suits. The countries in central Europe have all changed places thanks to a massive earthquake. DM and PF head for Bratislowakia (after the latter finally unlocks the none sticking self locking zip fastener on the formers spare suit). Once there, they find that not only countries, but people too are swapping places, thanks to the swapping stone of Mellikan the magician.
860427 Feb. 1992Rhyme and PunishmentPenfold is typing the memoirs of Danger Mouse and himself. But when Colonel K tells them several important items have disappeared with a load 'Kazonk', so do DM and his assistant.
87055 Mar. 1992Pillow Fright!A massive allergy attack caused by an army of remote controlled pillows is causing havoc across London. Not even Danger Mouse and Penfold are immune to this latest scheme masterminded by Baron Silas Greenback.
880612 Mar. 1992Heavy DutyLondon is suffering from land sharks swimming through the concrete pavement. So, DM presents Penfold with some shark bait aftershave.
890719 Mar. 1992The Intergalactic 147Be prepared for the shock of your life, as the lives of Danger Mouse, Penfold, London and the world are coming to a close!
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